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In other countries a certificate is simply signed by the doctor. For example, the autopsy rate is very high in Australia but very low in Germany.

When England lowered the toxicity of domestic gas, suicide by this method was eliminated in the country and suicides decreased by one-third. Early English also used phrases, such as self-murder, self-destruction, and self-killer, all of which reflect the early association of the act with murder.Certain harmful behaviors linked to suicide, such as alcoholism and drug addiction, are especially common among men.According to David Lester, the suicide rate increases with age among men and varies with age among women.The suicide rate in industrialized countries has increased since the beginning of the twentieth century and reached very high levels in many European countries and North America.The rise in suicides parallels the gradual increase in urbanization and education.

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Methods of suicide vary greatly among different countries, depending on cultural traditions and social and political conditions.

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