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Accommodating disabilities

With thoughtful planning, receptiveness and flexibility, consideration and implementation of reasonable accommodations can be integrated smoothly.A variety of food service options are offered by restaurants, hotels, convention centers, banquet facilities, and other businesses.Consult with counsel regarding how best to capture and preserve this documentation.Once the institution approves the accommodation, the Title IX coordinator or disability resources representative should notify the student in writing.Offer assistance: People with a variety of disabilities, as well as older customers, may need assistance.Always ask first and wait for a response or direction from the individual.

Path of travel: Check out the path of travel around self-serve stations, ordering and pick-up counters, and seating areas.Disability accommodations are intended to eliminate or minimize barriers to services.In the context of Title IX, colleges and universities must consider requests for disability accommodations to help students report sexual violence and misconduct, participate in the investigation and adjudication process, and in providing interim measures.Investigators should identify and document the accommodation provided at each meeting with the student and update the other party if it affects deadlines.Institutions must be mindful of the accommodations’ potential impact on the grievance procedure so they do not fundamentally alter that procedure.

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This will help speed up the food line and cut down on waste.

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