Accommodating religious beliefs and practices in the workplace

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Accommodating religious beliefs and practices in the workplace

To overcome this obstacle, Ferreira took the initiative and had her own password loaded onto a computer. Whether Cochraine’s instruction had anything to do with the cost of installing the password being R7000,00, is unclear from the evidence because Ferreira did not testify about the costs; her representative put the costs to Cochraine in cross-examination only.

Shredding involved picking up heavy boxes of paper, placing them on a table, feeding the shredder with the paper from the box, and then bending to remove the shredded paper from the machine and bag it.

Although she got another employee to help her lift the boxes onto the table, she did not want to ask for more help to remove the shredded paper even though it hurt her back She considered this to be a vote of confidence in her, but her optimism was short-lived, for on 30 November 2004 the Bank informed her that it would dismiss her with effect from 31 December 2004 for incapacity which resulted in high absenteeism and low productivity.

After sustaining the injuries, she tried hard to remain in the position she held as consultant prior to the accident, but was unsuccessful.

She went around the office asking other employees to give her work as she did not have enough to do.

At a later stage, she checked that clients filled in the loan applications correctly.

On deciding these questions the second respondent arbitrator held that the applicant, Standard Bank Ltd (the Bank), dismissed the third respondent, Deirdre Ferreira (Ferreira) unfairly and awarded her compensation of R49 936.00 being the equivalent of six months’ pay.

This court has to determine on review whether the arbitrator’s award was reasonable. After 15 years of a very successful career, tragedy struck.

Dr Combrink, one of the doctors on the Bank’s Corporate Health panel, recommended her for lighter work.

The Bank created an administrative position in the mobile home loan consultancy (MHLC).

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Cochraine said that she never doubted that Ferreira could add value to the Bank.

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