Alec su and ruby lin dating orlando singles dating sites

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Alec su and ruby lin dating

It has been less than a month since Ruby Lin popped and the actress is still doing her confinement.

Since she’s stuck at home and was unable to make any house visits, her celebrity pals, Vivian Hsu and Alec Su, took the opportunity to visit her instead.

News of Ruby’s participation in the project was also confirmed by the actress herself via Weibo yesterday. Alec sang praises of his “fellow comrade” who started work right after her grand wedding to Wallace Huo in Bali.

“Your good friend Chen Jing (the name of her character in the movie) is now online. “She did not wear makeup throughout filming [and] I was really touched by that,” he said.

Not so, this "A" is not king Liu, but this one, we continue to look down: Alec Su side often presents a beautiful woman, such as Alec Su finished the left ear publicity, to the UK was photographed by users. Even more so that I found that Ruby Lin was called the Amy sister-in-law.

On her birthday in March 6, 2011, Ruby Lin gave her a blessing at micro-blog! Then I found a few years ago the news, the news is like this: There's a close photo of Alec Su and Amy: Two people not only close, but also to eat a cake, which should only be the couple will do so: This news did not set off a spark, the measure is Alec Su did not want to enlarge their private life it.

They revealed their romance just a few months ago and the wedding also happens just as quickly.

Not a lot of pictures since security was pretty good in preventing paps from jumping and climbing roof.

If she did end up with a man, I always imagined that it would be her long-time friend Alec Su (aka Nicky Wu's fellow Little Tiger) but Wallace Huo is actually not a far cry given that he is also from Taiwan. Fresh off the highs of Journey of Flower, he is definitely at the heights of his popularity.

Vivian posted a photo of the trio posing for a selfie on her Facebook on Wednesday (Feb 8) to commemorate their meet-up and fans were shocked by Vivian and Ruby’s no makeup look and flawless complexion.

Apparently the two celebrity mothers were too busy trading tips and sharing stories about motherhood that they left Alec out of their conversations.

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Anyhoo, it’s time to send off the other original Pearl Princess in our hearts.

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