Aviation dating sites

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Aviation dating sites

The medical handbook part of this document is not a text on aviation medicine, it is merely an introduction to the subject and covers the basic facts that you must have to understand the medical problems associated with flight.

It will help you deal with many of the questions you may be asked and hopefully will encourage you to further study the subject.

The letter of appointment will be sent together with a full CAME authority package, including this Handbook, a CAME numbered stamp and a wall certificate.

In 1944, towards the end of World War II, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), an agency of the United Nations, was formed to carry on the work of ICAN, which had ceased to exist during World War II.

The history of medical standards in civil aviation dates back to just after World War I when the International Commission on Air Navigation (ICAN) was established following the Paris Air Convention of 1919.

This organization was set up to establish rules and regulations for the safe conduct of civil aviation.

Over the years, the international standards and those of Canada have become more liberal to the point now that the majority of the population over the age of 16, if they so wished, would pass aviation medical certification examinations.

In Canada, the regulations pertaining to medical requirements are contained in Part 404 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) while the actual medical standards are in Part 424 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations. Over the years, guidelines have been produced in the major areas which cause problems with aeromedical certification, namely neurology, cardiology and diabetes.

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