Convert lower to upper online dating

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Convert lower to upper online dating

We can’t stress the importance handling character case correctly.Here are the two functions you need to know and use correctly.On Ubuntu Dapper, I had to copy entries over from /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED to /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local, then do the dpkg-reconfigure. That said, there are special cases where you want to do the conversion manually.In German, for example, the letter 'ß' (szlig) only exists as a lower-case character, and so doesn't get converted by strtoupper.

This function will take care of this exception (for Latin1 and most of Latin9, at least): When using UTF-8 and need to convert to uppercase with special characters like the german ä,ö,ü (didn't test for french,polish,russian but think it should work, too) try this:function strtoupper_utf8($string) $ther=''. Then the content of "change case" in Cell A1 is copied and changed to "CHANGE CASE" in Cell C1. See screen shot: Select the Cell C1, and you can copy the formula to other cells by dragging at bottom-right corner and dropping down to other cells. Try different spellings: using "de_AT" as an example, there are various combinations that may or may not work for you: "de", "de_AT.utf8", "de_AT.iso-8859-1", "de_AT.latin1", "[email protected]", etc).If you can't find an appropriate locale setting, check your system configuration (locales are a system-wide setting, PHP gets them from the OS).

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For instance, in the default "C" locale characters such as umlaut-a (ä) will not be converted.

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