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Note: Sweden was the only country worldwide to utilise compasses with a 6300 mils. Technical Data - Materials: bakelite, steel - Needle dampening: by fluid - Divisions: 6300 mils, clockwise. The former East Germany's army Nationale Volksarmee (NVA) used a training poster featuring a compass made by Freiberger Przisionsmechanik (FPM).The North's red mark is exactly located on the figure 63. - Dimensions: 70 x 68 x 20mm - Weight: 210gr - Serial no.: 44 PROFILE - Raffaelo Nistri (read OMI in Aero Compases) was an Italian engineer. PROFILE - NV Ltd OBSERVATOR was a Dutch manufacturer located in Rotterdam, created in 1924, bought by Kelvin Hughes in 1996 (read in WIKIPEDIA: John Lilley & Gillie).It was the standard compass of the French WW1 soldiers.PROFILE - Former British Company (for more information click HERE) N & Z built large instruments for ships.The case side opposite to the window had a white line below the sighting notch Technical Data - Diameter: 60 mm - Depth: 1 in./25 mm - Weight: 100 gr - Card release: by depressing a spring-loaded pin at the bottom - Divisions: 360 deg (card and scale) - Sighting: over two notches in the rim - North mark on card: diamond-shaped radium paint marking - Markings on bottom: British Army's arrow symbol (crowfoot) engraved above an upper case 'Technical Data - Dim. View inside the casing: the needle brake release is actuated by means of a push-button (visible on the right of the picture at left), a hinged lever and a blade spring. NOTE: Not to be mistaken for the survey compass model called MERIDIAN and made by the former German company WILKIE and currently by K&R (see SURVEY compasses). Its typical U shape reminds strongly of the BZARD compass (click on the link to open the special chapter dedicated to this system) by which it was replaced after WWII but it lacked its main features.& weight: see above - Markings: British Army's arrow symbol ("crow foot") engraved above an upper case 'I' (for India? PROFILE - Meiser & Mertig Gmb H - Werksttten fr Przisionsmechanik (located in Dresden Nr. 27) was a German manufacturer of scientific equipment. Technical Data - Dimensions: 60 x 52 x 17mm - Weight: 135gr - Divisions: 360 deg. There was also a simple pocket version featuring the same design (see at right and MORIN's pocket compasses).

The dial was also sold in the UK, but wasn't a popular design. Barker & Son developed something that didn't sell well in the UK they managed to sell it to the British Army in India. The instrument was utilised exactly like the Bezard UBK with a 10 cm ruler. The first Sss aluminum version (built 1930) was blue-grey coloured (dial: see image at right). Budapest Serial no.: 41868 Below: Dial of the early Bzard-type dry-needle version (1930) Below: The pre-WWII MOM fluid- dampened version with a red and white needle The North marking (szak - check Miscell. attachment loop: nickel (round) - Inscriptions on casing reverse: . Serial No.: 8372 Technical Data Dimensions: see above - Divisions: 6000 mils, clockwise, North facing zero - Weight: 150 gr - Materials: . Mordan & Co made mainly Verner's pattern compasses during WW1. KOEHN for examples of Verner's pattern Mk VII and VIII.

A Verner's pattern Mk IV prismatic compass like the next item (Newton & Co.) but bearing N & Z 's signature is also known. was a British manufacturer (more information HERE).

It seems that this company produced the earliest Verner's pattern prismatic compass known to date.

It was superseded by the model M-1950 built by many companies (list: see Lensatic) and still in use today.

The original and quite heavy version described here was based on the design of the DOLLOND compass described in a 1926 F. It was issued to very few units and replaced during WW2 by a light-weight version (see Superior Magneto and Gurley).

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They produced also other instruments like sextants and ships compasses (see this category).

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