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Dating in the dark reveal

"We weren't really fed – we had frozen food and dry goods." She specifically mentions Red Bull and Frosted Flakes."We also drank (alcohol) the least of any other cast," she says, indicating the producers were hoping otherwise."You're sequestered, you're disconnected from your family and your support system," she says. We all were losing our mind."So it's no surprise that scandals emerge from the depths of reality TV.According to Perl-Raver, producers and editors created narratives and clichés based on exaggerated actions or parts of their personality.During Chris' final date with Sasha Perl-Raver, producers captured and chose to air an aggressive kiss where she bites him on the lip.

But ulterior motives or not, Perl-Raver and five other singles entered the house to mix and mingle for three long days."The producers made sure they had something interesting for an hour of television," she says.The other two males remained in the house only as companions to Chris.Perl-Raver says the show left out several other dates and milestones, including a scene when the girls receive humorous sketches based on the guys' perceptions of them in the dark, and a sexually-charged date including Jennifer, Chris and whip cream.It costs a great deal less to produce an hour of reality than an hour of primetime drama.My fear is that (reality TV) will become more participatory with the audience," she says.

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