Diamond comics chacha chaudhary online dating

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Diamond comics chacha chaudhary online dating

’ But I felt the concept of a bald, alien giant clad in gold earrings, belted shorts and boots had far more potential.I looked through a number of images online and offline to get a good sense of Sabu.The boy is at the slightly flummoxed receiving end of this.

The way to do this is when the base layer of paint is still slighty wet but not runny.Grave conversations have been had about the merits of touch to the comic characters-on-teeshirts fad.So I started with something familiar to every Indian kid across the country (secretly in cases like mine since my parents didn’t approve of the bad English). Chacha Chaudhary would have been the obvious choice for the tee-shirt with the telling caption of ‘Chacha Chaudhary’s brain works faster than a computer!I know a villian being punched might have added to the image but I wanted a dedication to Sabu, not just a scene from the series.As it turns out, I think Sabu could be mistaken for a (rather clumsy) ballroom dancer.

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And finally his body language lent itself to a delightful range of renditions.

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