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It follows the adventures of three brothers, Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear, as they attempt to integrate themselves into the norms of human society in the San Francisco Bay Area.

These brothers also happen to be a bunch of cave-dwelling, talking bears. The brothers have a unique mode of transport, which involves each bear stacked on top of one another like Jenga bricks, and thus the invoked meme '#bearstack' went viral. You can visit Daniel Chong's official tumblr blog and Facebook page.

El hecho se convirtió viral en las redes sociales y la prensa holandesa lo ha calificado como el error de la década.

last night and as she sits down for the interview the holy skin cocoon protecting the unborn golden child completely collapses. Sandra says that ever since Beyonce pulled the ultimate STUNT QUEEN move by unveiling her bump in dramatic queen fashion at the VMAs, conspiracy theorists have been whispering on the Internet that she’s faking it and was real life, so I love scandalous shit like this, but let me throw out a few theories as to what’s really going on. The unborn golden child is so special that it can only grow in Beyonce’s butt. The unborn golden child is so special that Beyonce has to wear a protective pad to keep it safe. This is just marketing for House of Dereon’s new line of memory foam bumps. wasn’t available when Beyonce asked if she could give her private lessons on how a skilled professional wears a pillow baby to perfection. This is completely natural and I have no idea what I’m talking about (as usual) since I’ve only been pregnant with whoopie pie babies that later became poop babies.

I watched We Bare Bears Premiere yesterday and I kinda had mixed feelings about this show It starts really well with the episode "Our Stuff", where we get to know the characters, their tics (Ice Bear FTW!

) and follow them on a funny quest to get their stolen backpack back.

A 10/10 debut episode with a lot of good plot twists.

Los escándalos amorosos en Destardes parecen ser parte del programa, y es que no existe emisión en la que el elenco no destape uno que otro chisme del talento.El mediocampista holandés comenzó una jugada en el mediocampo, superó en velocidad a dos rivales y el arquero salió a despejar pero le erró al balón dejando la portería vacía.Sorprendentemente el jugador pateó al arco y mandó su disparo por encima.El ayuntamiento de Alcalá de Henares en España, se encuentra en el ojo del huracán luego de que se dieran a conocer imágenes de la celebración que realizaron en una dependencia municipal con bailarinas eróticas por la jubilación de un empleado.De acuerdo con información de El Mundo, el festejo se realizó ante decenas de personas en el parque municipal de servicios, a cuatro kilómetros de la ciudad.

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En uno de ellos se le ve comiendo una hamburguesa junto a una amiga.

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