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Gravatar not updating

The diagram above is a sketch of the implementation of the solution, it will get clearer when you progress through the post and read the source code.

First, whenever, you notice the use of “AT” in the namespace, you can replace that with your company name, as you’ve already concluded, ehmm, AT are my initials.

This is only the basic and the first building block in your CQRS application.

You will probably add other CQRS related pattern on top of this.

Mvc With Cqrs (432 KB) I tried to ensure that the information posted here are up to date and accurate, however, I do not hold any responsibility to any damages that might occur from using or misusing the information and the posted code. Adam Tibi, passionate about refining software practices, promoting self-motivated teams and orchestrating agile projects that hit the deadline. During my first few weeks as a student-dentist in the clinic at dental school, I had a new patient assigned to me.Obviously, the amount of code is over killing for such a small application, but this is only to trigger your software design imagination so you could apply this pattern to a real-life application (obviously not by forcing the pattern if it doesn’t fit).I hope I made somebody’s day, if you like this then do let me know in a comment so I would be encouraged to write more.

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She arrived late, and we were both in a hurry to get the oral examination and treatment planning finished so we could start working on her teeth.

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