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The North-West Mounted Police (later the RCMP) is formed to keep order in the new Canadian territories.

Reginald Fessenden transmits the world's first wireless spoken message via radio, and six years later the two-way voice transmission.

Along with a general feeling that the government was not democratic, the failure of the executive committee to maintain the confidence of the elected officials leads to violent but unsuccessful rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada. Territorial disputes between lumbermen from Maine and New Brunswick lead to armed conflict in the Aroostook River valley (the Aroostook War).

Pierre Du Gua de Monts and Samuel Champlain establish a colony in Nova Scotia.

Marc Lescarbot starts the first library and first French school of Native people, and in 1606 produces the first play staged in Canada.

The so-called Great Ministry of Robert Baldwin and Louis-H.

Lafontaine outlines the principles of responsible government in the Canadas.

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