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Right next to the site of the Pensacola Opera House is what started as the Pensacola City Hall and City Courthouse and in 1986 became the T. I guess it could be titled as State of Florida Museum. He was a businessman, local politician and collector of extraordinary capacity. No, this has nothing to do with Florida State University. He was born in Mobile, Alabama in 1898, but grew up on the Pensacola beach.He created two railroads in the Florida Panhandle and served as the mayor of Pensacola, Florida and in the Florida State Senate.After he had furthered his education, he enlisted in the 9th Kentucky Infantry, fighting for the Confederacy.In 1882, the community of Orange (in Washington County was founded and renamed Chipley in his honor.It was the year the Pensacola & Atlantic (later L & N) Railroad was completed beyond the town site. He was in the middle of a trip to lobby lawmakers to base more industrial endeavors in Florida.After opening the two rail lines in Pensacola, he parlayed his industrial success into becoming the mayor of the town. He was buried in Columbus, while the townspeople of Pensacola erected an obelisk in the center of Plaza Ferdinand VII in his honor.

In 1914, at the age of sixteen, he opened his own bicycle repair business. Wentworth Museum next door to his house on Palafox Street in Ensley (central Escambia County).

Gonzalez later donated the land to the City of Pensacola.

Manuel boarded Andrew and Rachel 5 to 6 times before Florida officially became America's.

Chipley created the Democratic Executive Committee in Muscogee County, Georgia in the late 1860s, and was its first director.

He later served as director of the Florida Democratic Executive Committee.

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