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Some people say the only way to stop online harassment is to stop going online. Reclaim Your Domain is Refinery29's campaign to make the internet (and the world of outside it) a safer space for everyone — especially women.

Alexa — Amazon's freestanding virtual assistant — doesn't wear or own any clothes, she can't (physically) feel horny, and she doesn't weigh a single pound.

This year, we didn't get our first woman in the White House.

If the people behind it all look the same and have similar experiences and perspectives, the technologies they are creating will be built to serve only a small group of people rather than our complex and diverse world.

Researchers in the field have referred to artificial intelligence as having both a "Sea of Dudes" problem and a "White Guy Problem."If we only have men writing the code behind female virtual assistants that hundreds of thousands of people use on a daily basis, there is no way that those assistants are going to accurately represent a female voice.

Unfortunately, the AI field isn’t going to suddenly be populated with an influx of women overnight.

Despite its male name, KAI, a financial assistant, is one of the only truly genderless bots in existence.

It is an "it.""We wanted to do a genderless bot, not an assistant that was a continuation of what was already out there," says Dror Oren, the co-founder and VP of Product at Kasisto, the financial tech startup that created KAI. We could have KAI respond with flirts and funny jokes, or we could choose to answer with a funny joke, but not a flirt."KAI is funny in a geeky, know-it-all way.

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At a large tech conference this summer, Gates said that only 17% of computer science graduates are women.

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  1. Amid the spotlight now being trained on gender inequity in Hollywood, the fact that Mark Wahlberg received an additional .5 million for reshoots, a sum not offered to his co-star Michelle Williams, has provoked outrage.

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