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Being always fond oi stringing words together and trving to make sense of tiiem. I tatight myself shorthand, and practised it at nicht time until I was able to renort. position with a publica- ' "•■'■^^P'-'P'T and ,l H- fart ,lnt' ^'""""■;- "'— '■•''^'--hin,,^ ■ '■'■•"'■-" ■•v.. But you get the real atmosphere you pass through the hall and up the wide, pleasant staircase with its homely pictures at the far end. inm Lord Burnham described (at the dinner given to ■Ir. 1 Hs \as ■■Jeigh, who joined the Tc U;^rapk in i, S, S4 and ry war for ih,- paper afterward... and sh.,ws ,in tli.- r.,nlrarv that ^ -"■ l^'^-ri'-st int.-I! pr.,bl..m's that •■"^t a journalist ,.v.-ry day .,f |,,s I,fr. inn int,') my {)ersonal leanin L,'s were towards the Law, family responsibilities comj)e Iled me 1,, change my plans. Outside you get a glimpse of an enormous hall, with a counter and numerous desks where the business of taking small advertisements by the thousand is carried on. wl g the men ht liat great 13oht- poor way soineuiiere lo uas then livinir in C ovciit Garde Ins per.s])ica(:itv in tliat eon may be taken as disp net lion i once pretty generally Iield that Sal o Mng ol tile misconcepiion which w aa 1 he re\erse was tl net) VVolselev'.', li covered anotln-r promising man I of the Central X :i inspired his chid. Sir Gar- ,\vi)[ian campaign in i S.s., he diy le case D uriii L'- liu e\( iy noticing the work of e v\ s . L; ilu- \uu.s .,| a m-Ik I uiuldir-rlas's public arv Mrik,n,-Iv altiui" l\|■^! 1 6 5' 48 80 y C 1 12 128 N4 XIV I I ATI X - List of Iliustrations FAri NG FA-.l -Mrs.

It would not be right, however, to regard the Morning Post merely as the organ of Belgravia. ilavinc arrived at ih-- a^i- of i wmiy-six, he apptiri Mitlv tluiuq-lu he ou^lil to ! a|\er of music, a tine sin L,'er himself, a very happy and humorous speaker, and a gooti tfll^w. .\ladi,'e wnuhl naturally regard 111-- policy with ,i lari,'* tolerance and indulgence, as Iv^ liiin--elf is nroughl him fresh laurels. Sir Max shed 111- responsioilit V after a bri''f ni^'^n, and onc' niuie Mr. and he v.-'Cs ihr fr-st to iiistal a linolvi"' in a London newspaper ol Vue. Mlll;,^.i Peacoik; and amonf,' the many liisim-uislifd ((.ninbuior-.

I received hundri'ds of letters trom journalists all over the c(nintrv, expressint,' pleasure iiul it became obvious that a .(i Hi making;' sum^estmn- book vshicli would brint; the historv of dale, a'ld sliow the developments and enterprise of the journalism up to ress from an intimate- knowledire of the var lous nevvt'l"-^- Itn.laui;l,t. „■ ^^-n.-ral b,.l„.f ,bat any ■an run a n.-wspapcr. I '"i from (niiii( ilh-renl Stan tie le dp bee (jints. hou- ' ''"'^^'' anticipate the rrni-,rl i, "' ■^"'(vt,; —mis,,,- „;„,.; ',,"■;"'"■'■ -I''". ''^"'™^fr:r:otn":s o"r;;,e" "° '-^^ '^- "-- ..'iv.r,i.s™,enls, son,, ^f \ ,°1 ' ^rf:;.""'"""'^" '° I'-ri'^lin! On one side it adjoins the t-al S'andard business premises (now let out in onices, en- of which I occupied in connection with the Morn I'l^ Leader for some years), and on the other a shoj 'Aiih oniccs above. Lord Burnham's father a Krandfatlu-r S,r Kdu.n Arnold. In tlu: early 'sixtu-s hf found tl mian, George Augustus Sala.

M uc'i ot tlie material has ap[)eared week bv ue( ind k in the .\r-ics[^dpcr W'nr Ul. The fifth number rontained the following announce- ment : "It having 1 m advanced that the Morning Post IS composed of adve.osements extracted from other papers, not paid for in this, the proprietors, under a necessity of The "Morning Post" ruct '-■ " i.- no one „'l " , :i.'t^,"S"'-'...r ^, tt;;; ' 'o Z7;ff" ■^" ^'"''''°""' six thousand." P "^ ^^ impression of ". One of the handsomest buildmgi ■■ ; ;: U nf ilie Daily Telegraph. G„.-The h,e Lord ^~ The Street of Ink Liurniiam had a rare faculty tor lindin K I needed.

CIHM Microfiche Series (Monographs) ICMH Collection de microfiches (monographies) Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut canadien de microreproductions historiques I Technical and Bibliographic Nntes / Notes techniques et bibliographiques The lns'i;u! emp;ed to obtain the best copy availab'e for filming. Bxprcss, Xottingham Tdegraph, Sheffield hidepeihhnl. South il'aies Daii\ Nc-as, South IValci Daily L'ost.

Features of this copy which may be bibhographicallv unique, v;hich alter any of the images m the reproduction, or which significantly change the usual method of filming a^e checked below.

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D a n EZ] n Coloured covers / Couverture de couleur I I Covers damaged / Couverture endommagee Covers restored and/or lamiinated / Couverture restauree et/'ou peliiculee Cover title missing / Le titro de couverture manque I j Coloured maps / Cartes geographiques en cou'eur □ Coloured ink (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) Coloured plate; Planchfjs et^'ou s and/c illustrations / illustrations en couleur Bound with other material / Relie avec d'autres 1 Only edition available / Seule edition disponible Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion along interior margin / La reliure serree peut causer de I'ombre ou de la distorsion le Icng de la marge interieure.

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