Updating cross references in word

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Updating cross references in word

When the number of a figure, table or subclause changes, these references are updated automatically, which avoids manual find-and-replace operations.

Important: If you want to create cross-references to figures and tables, their captions must have been created with Word's , the field to which the cross-reference links has been deleted (for instance, a deleted figure or table caption produces this error).

You might notice that your cross-references may not update automatically as you edit the document.First let's use a simpler example and that's referencing text that is on a particular page.To do that click on the text you want to reference and create a bookmark (Insert Cross-Reference, select "Bookmark" as the reference type and "Page number" under "Insert reference to".A slightly more complicated task is cross-referencing numbered paragraphs.First off we're going to assume that you're correctly using Word's paragraph numbering capability.

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